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Deepa Rani Shekar

Ms. Deepa Rani Shekar, MA, M Phil

Deepa Rani Shekar was in the field of academics for almost two decades teaching English at various capacities, from high school to pre-university, graduation and post graduation. However she is a born counselor with the innate quality of knowing the pulse of people around her with just one look. She used to casually counsel people, even before she actually knew the spelling of counseling, even those much older than her with amazing ease and success. In course of her academic career she trained to be a counselor and incorporated her counseling skills and honed it with each passing day and with each case she counseled. She has been successful in almost all the cases she has dealt with.

She realized she was gifted with the ability to reach the exact trigger point of a physical pain or ache without even being told by the person asking for massage. Those who received healing massages felt and told her that she had healing fingers and a very soothing touch. However she herself suffered from failing health and underwent five surgeries in a very short span and the diagnosis and medicines and medical procedures were just not helping her recuperate. That is when she ventured into Reiki and resolved all her problems within a span of forty eight days! This kindled a fire of passion in her to do more and she was keen to give it back to the world. She went on to do her mastery and this was the heralding of a new path. She did individual Healing and weaved the threads of magic into all those she came in touch with. She left a sprinkling of miracles wherever she went and to whoever sought her help. Shealso does group programmes, corporate assignments for better physical and mental wellbeing. She is a strong believer in prevention is always better than cure. Her methods are very simple but anchors the individuals onto the journey of wellness.

She then did her Workshop Leader’s Training and International certification to lead the famous program of Love-Heal Your Life, propounded by Late Louise L Hay and shut the doors of her academic career and founded the Transform Life Programs® with her young and equally enthusiastic daughter Rekha Shankar, who was at that time the youngest Heal Your Life Workshop Leader. The name was chosen to say that once anyone walks through the portals of the Healing Centre, their life will be transformed- it will never be the same again.

She then added lot more feathers to her cap by learning various powerful modalities of Healing from founders and world renowned masters from across the globe. Most of which she has done Mastery and also teaches to empower people continue on the path of Healing. She is very passionate about her work, compassionate about the people who seek her out; her conviction itself is motivation enough to heal any area of anyone’s life! She is an alchemist turning base issues into the gold of Divine Healing. A catalyst who speeds up the process of Healing! To know it for yourself, you have to choose to learn from her.