Heal your life program

Based on philosophy by Louise L. Hay and The Law of Attraction

Heal your life program

Your life will get transformed in these two days and you will never be the same. Life becomes bliss after the exposure. Avail the opportunity. Remember Chance will not keep knocking often.

Give permission to yourself to create your life the way YOU choose it to be! Explore the possibilities of nurturing your deepest core to enhance health, joy, peace and abundance!

  • First releasing the pain and bitterness of the past(even from childhood, that which participants are not actually aware of, in the sub-conscious mind)
  • It enables the participants to love themselves, forgive themselves and heal themselves/their lives
  • It enhances the Law of attraction and whatever you want/think gets manifested.
  • It enables you to recreate your Destiny, the way you dreamt off.

Participants so far have manifested huge amounts of money, plush jobs, saved troubled marriages, resolved health problems, gone into joyous parenthood!

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