More Specialities

We use various modalities to heal the problems that bog humankind down. Depending on the issue, the modality is chosen, then discussed with the client and then taken forward to create results like never before.

We also use ancient and mystic modalities handed over by the Himalayan Masters. The healing is a blend of the most modern as well as the ancient and powerful techniques. Anything that is beneficial to humanity is absorbed and put to optimum utilization.

  • EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Past Life Regresion & Progression
  • Theta healing
  • Rohini Vidya
  • Elemental Healing - Panchabootha Vidya
  • Akashic Reading and Healing: Access the files of your soul’s journey from the Akashic records and release the karmic issues
  • Merkaba
  • Angel Cards Reading
  • Tarot Cards Reading
  • Various forms of Advanced Reiki